business credit application automation

What will you do with all the extra free time you'll have on your hands?

Imagine a day in the future where your clients go online, fill out all the information that is requested, and get approved – automatically. That day has arrived!

Introducing Ansonia's EZ-Online Credit Application

Gone are the days of worrying about client hand-holding and tedious paperwork. When you begin using Ansonia’s Online Credit Application, you'll have more time to spend building your business and making more money.

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The Ansonia online credit application streamlined our entire credit application process. With Ansonia, a process that once took days is now reduced to hours.”

—Patrick Dennis, Credit Manager
Digitek Computer Products

With Ansonia’s new online credit application,
you get all these great benefits:

  • Your clients can request credit approval at their convenience.
  • You can fully brand it with your company logo.
  • The application can be customized to fit your particular needs.
  • Track analytics like the number of submitted applications and type of credit extended.
  • It can be easily implemented within any business.
  • The data analytics can guide receivables schedules and forecasting.
  • It’s easy to set up – nothing for you to maintain.
  • It increases your productivity and profitability.
  • Application is automatically approved, declined, or pending based on your selected criteria.
  • And it saves you time and money – and worry!

Here’s How It Works…

Your customers are directed to a link where they are able to complete your application electronically at a time that’s convenient for them. What’s even more amazing is that they cannot submit the application until they complete all the information and supply all the documentation you require. You’ll no longer have to keep tracking down the customer to get the information you need.

No more endless phone calls back and forth chasing missing information, copying, scanning, faxing, and all that mess. But that’s only the beginning… Our online credit application has a credit decision-making component built in.  Once a new business applicant completes the online application, behind the scenes an Ansonia Business Report is run.  And based on a scorecard you develop, the applicant is approved, declined, or sent to you for pending approval - automatically.
The Time And Stress Savings On This Alone
Are Absolutely Incredible.
business credit application automation

The Ansonia online application minimizes the time required to process a credit application – a process that can be tedious and cost money. Now your time can be better spent optimizing the profits and productivity of your company, or you can just take a breather!

At Ansonia, we’ve been quietly helping thousands of clients achieve phenomenal results since 2006. We can give your company new insights into making better-informed credit decisions and making more profits year after year.

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Watch the video below to see more about Ansonia’s Online Credit Applications:

business credit application automation

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If you’re still using the other business credit data reports companies out there, you’re missing out on all these great benefits of using Ansonia:

business credit application automation

Ansonia Works With Everybody

Everyone has their own special, unique problems that they have to deal with in getting business credit data — and we at Ansonia have something to help all of you, no matter how big or small your business! Give us a call now to learn more about how we can help you — not just anyone, but you, personally.

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business credit application automation

Ansonia's Business Credit Reports are Customizable

There is no one-size-fits-all here. We understand you need specific business information to make good decisions. Ansonia’s revolutionary and intuitive control panel allows anyone on your team to customize the report they need. Through the panel, you can configure your own preferences and easily set your ratings, days to pay, and much more. Now you can close more sales that are smart bets for your company.

business credit application automation

Live People Answer Our Phones

If you have a question, you can try to call the other credit data companies credit companies, and you’ll have about a 0% chance of getting someone on the phone to answer your questions. We are the experts. If you have a question, we’ll give you the answer.

business credit application software

Automation Is The Key

Our state-of-the-art platforms integrate seamlessly with your system, allowing you to upload just a few requests, or batch process thousands at a time. We push up-to-date data back to you, automatically. This saves you time — and saved time means saved money.

You Can't Go Wrong with Ansonia

When Transwest Capital first started out we were using another credit data company to verify the credit-worthiness of our debtors. While we were not unhappy with the company, we did not know what we were missing until we signed up with Ansonia Credit Data. After switching to Ansonia, we started to realize that the information we were previously using was not as fresh as advertised. With Ansonia, we know we are receiving the most up-to-date and in-depth look at a debtor’s credit-worthiness. In a word, we had become complacent with the previous company, trusting that their data would help us protect our receivables. It did, to a point. Now, we feel as if we have a partner watching our backs 24/7. Coupled with the customer service the staff at Ansonia provides, you can’t go wrong with Ansonia Credit Data.”

—Brian Cummings, Operations Manager
Transwest Capital

Grab This Powerful Arsenal Of Business Credit Reporting Tools That Only Ansonia Can Give You:

business credit application software